Landscape Design

The art of landscaping, also known as ‘landscape architecture,’ encompasses various aspects that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of architectural structures. This discipline involves several elements, including plant arrangement and cultivation to enhance the scenery, land leveling and terrain shaping, the creation of water features like waterfalls and fountains, and the design of roads with amenities such as umbrellas and benches. Landscape design comprises 2 main categories:

1- Softscape

Our expertise lies in designing agricultural enhancements and land features, encompassing the cultivation of diverse plant varieties, including trees, flowers, vines, green areas, and palms. Additionally, we specialize in implementing irrigation systems such as surface irrigation, sprinkler systems, and drip irrigation.

2- Hardscape

We specialize in crafting decorative elements like pergolas, fountains, swimming pools, walkways, and sculptures. Our capabilities extend to integrating lighting fixtures for enhanced aesthetics