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237 Clients all over Egypt 423 Projects Completed 397,587 Square Feet 40 Years of Experience
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With over four decades of experience in design and construction, our journey began with miniature architectural models (maquettes), and thus attention was paid to the smallest details, combining functionality and aesthetics.
Our construction journey began with industrial buildings, then gradually extended to commercial and residential projects, including many villas and palaces, which enhances a wealth of experience and proficiency in our field.
Our experience is diverse, spanning distinguished architectural projects, interior architecture, and site landscaping, incorporating design and execution of concrete and steel structures, utilization of materials such as concrete, steel, and glass, coupled with proficiency in restoration and strengthening.


To transcend boundaries in the expansive realm of design and construction, leaving an indelible mark on a global scale. We aim to lead the industry by driving innovation, setting international benchmarks, and contributing to the creation of iconic structures worldwide.


We set new industry standards in design and construction by crafting distinctive structures using concrete, Steel, and glass. With fastidious attention to details, we ensure harmonious outcomes across diverse architectural ventures, drawing from our expertise in both industrial and residential sectors. Our portfolio includes a wide range of architectural projects, from interiors and decorative elements to stunning landscapes. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence in the field.


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